Trouble with IsNumeric

I’m having trouble with IsNumeric: it works when I use a directly assigned string to a variable, but not when I assign it procedurally. I’ll illustrate it with picts, for clarity’s sake.
This is the segment of programming, with Boolean “test” added to check IsNumeric:

Those are the variables after the “test = IsNumeric(subt)” step. As you can see, “subt = 1”, yet “test = False”:

Just to make evident that “subt” is a String with value “1”:

Test adding the value manually:

… and the variables, with “test = True”:

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Pict’s aren’t showing.

To display DropBox pics (from Post Formatting and Tips):

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Thanks, Paul.

subt is 2 chars ?
theres a 1 plus “something else” in there
review it in the binary editor of the string panel

Ok. This is what I got:

¿Any solutions or workarounds?

use replacelineendings on it

subt = replacelineendings(lines(i),"")


Or Trim.

NOT related to the op question:

remove the “?dl=0”

if in a link you replace the ending 0 with 1, the image (in this case, but any other file) will be downloaded unlike with 0 where you will get an html interface.

This may help.