trouble with iOS tutorial

I’m trying to run the tutorial app and it’s choking on the code from page 14 in the PDF. The debugger is kicking back on…

This item does not exist
cell.AccessoryType = ¬

Type mismatch error. Expected enum iOSTableCellData.AccessoryTypes, but got Int32
cell.AccessoryType = ¬

Can’t call something that isn’t a function

This is in XOJO 2018 r2

What is the complete code you have in the ToolbarPressed event?

¬ = Next code on the next line… IMHO.

Also, sometimes the report string text is… mismatch.

that was it - LOL. I thought it was some kind of symbol used in iOS. haha. running fine now. Thanks.

It is the “code continuation line character” in the AppleScript Editor.