Trouble with FolderItems and Network Drive

I am having trouble accessing a network drive.

the path is generated by “OpenDialog” routine which allows the user to choose the folder.
that does exist.

In win7 for example the folder returned by OpeDialog is:

in Mac the folder returned is:
/Volumes/NDD1/_DB/culser where NDD1 is the network drive.

The OpenDialog routine return the “\” double backslash for windows instead of “\etwork”

Assuming on the network drive folders are broken up in to “Folders()” array
the following routine fails when i = 1/ and folder(1) = NDD1

Root = GetFolderItem(Folders(0))

For i As Integer = 1 To Folders.Ubound
  Root = Root.Child(Folders(i))
  if Root <> Nil and Root.Exists Then
    MsgBox "I: " + str(i) + " folder: " + Folders(i)
    Return Nil
  End If

This forum talked about rebuilding network drive FolderItem but did not go into much detail how to do that.

Note: this routine works great on non network drives.

please advise …

Your explanation makes little sense to me. I suspect you build your array of FolderItems incorrectly. OpenDialog should give you a single FolderItem that already points to the selected file, even if it’s on the network. After that, you seem to decompose that FolderItem into an array, and that’s what probably is done wrong.

Why do you even do that? Why not just use the FolderItem you got? What do you need to have the single items for?

ah that’s right

i was thinking that all children have to be checked for Nil and if they exist, but
in the case of OpenDialog - that is already returning existing folders …

gee am i a dope

sorry for that and thank you…