Trouble Setting Up iOS Debugging

Well, this is embarrassing. I have been working with Desktop and Web only, and have decided to play around with iOS apps in Xojo - but I cannot see the simulator list from the Xojo Build settings for iOS.

I am running Xojo 2022R1, macOS 12.3.1, and Xcode 13.3.1.

The inspector shows my app name, bundle id, and my correct team for code signing. I can build the app and I can run the app, which launches the iOS simulator for iPhone SE. But I do not see any list that allows me to switch simulators. When I run ‘xcrun simctl list’ from the terminal, it lists all of my installed simulators.

I have Xcode installed and setup with my developer ID. In preferences, the location for command line tools is set properly (which seemed to resolve this issue for other people in the past, when this was blank).

So I am not sure what I am missing. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

Did you look under Project → Run On in the Xojo menubar?


Thank you @Mark_Sweeney , I do have that list under Project → Run, and I can switch simulators with it :grinning:

I am following the Xojo tutorial at the end of the Intro to Programming with Xojo book, Chapter 15.

Is this list in the build settings no longer available in Xojo?

It was there in 2021 Release 3.1, but it looks like it was removed in 2022 R 1.

One advantage to it being under Project → Run On → is you can assign your own shortcut key(s) to the simulator(s) you want debug on in macOS system preferences.

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@Mark_Sweeney , again thank you so much. That was really helpful.

Well, besides for feeling like a :dunce: (that should be an emoji), at least I know my setup is correct.

And thank you for the hint about using the new menu options with the keyboard shortcuts - that is a good tip.

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