Trouble posting pictures


I got errors when passing images in the wrong file format, so we try jpeg and png.

But still sometimes, we get this error:

What is it about?

Have you filed an issue and attached a sample project? :wink:

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Let me try

Now it works. Seems to be a random problem every nth time.

Can you compress the pictures before uploading? Maybe that will help.
I saw that you uploaded 2.x-3.x MB pictures to the forum during the conference (this one is 2.79 MB) but sometimes during you uploaded pictures at around 1/10th that size (280KB or so).

Well, sometimes it works and sometimes not.

The one above is uploaded with the mobile website and I pick from photo library.

The smaller ones is if you copy & paste them on a Mac, where Photos app gives you a smaller one.

Maybe someone can check what exec does when you put in a picture:

/var/www/discourse/lib/discourse.rb: 138:in ‘exec’:

and find a log folder?

I’m sorry if my intention was not clear, my comment was just a suggestion as a ‘workaround’ (so you can finish uploading the conference pictures) until someone from Xojo can take a look at the forum logs/configuration and fix the problem.

I enjoyed some pictures in the big, natural format, though. Looked nicer than if they were reduced.