Trouble getting a listbox column to resize

I’m not sure what I’m overlooking, but I can’t get my listbox columns to resize.
I have a listbox with 5 columns.
I defined the columns widths as: 60, 510,30,75.75.
HasHeading is On (but it has no default headings - they’re defined in the code)
The headingIndex is -1
The ColumnsResizable property = True

When I run the app, my mouse changes to the east/west symbol when it’s on a column separator as if it wants to let me resize it, but they won’t budge. It’s as if they’re frozen.

I do not change the ColumnsResizable property in the code.
In fact, because I’m stumped, I even added lines in the code to set ColumnsResizable = True, and I changed the Column.UserResizable properties for every column = True. But I’m still getting the same behavior. It looks like it can resize, but it doesn’t.

Any suggestions?

Your column widths look like they’re defined sizes. Here’s my guess: there’s no room to resize. Try making one of the widths * (which is variable, and becomes the remainder) and see if that helps.

Further reading:

[quote=125225:@C L Hinkle]I defined the columns widths as: 60, 510,30,75.75.

  • Set ColumnResizable true in the IDE
  • Define your columns in percentage instead of absolute :