Trigger at re-login

I have a windowless NSStatusItem app that launches at login and keeps track of time a user is logged in.

So lets say, the user walks away from the computer and it auto-logs out…then they come back later and log back in. How can I trigger something in my app when they log back in, assuming my app was running the entire time?


You assume the user log off / log on and your application can run while no user is running ?

I’m looking for a way to trigger a method in my app when the user unlocks their computer after it automatically locked from inactivity (after sleep or screensaver).

App.Activate / App.Deactivate ?

Look at:

Sleep I can tell you is in in MBS here
I don’t know about screensaver, user-switching, or returning to the Login Window without logging out.

[quote=422537:@Emile Schwarz]App.Activate / App.Deactivate ?

Look at:[/quote]

App.Activate doesn’t trigger, since there is no window.