Tree Views

I’ve been trying to build a nice tree view for my application.
I started with a listbox, but never felt it was very good at doing what i needed to do without some customization. because of this i decided to use a HTML Viewer.
I produce some html and a css and load that into the HTML viewer.
It works, using

  • but it’s ugly, my CSS skills a weak.
    Does anyone have a good example of a ‘free’ treeview for Xojo?

I don’t use this so I can’t personally vouch for it, but there’s this one…

GitHub - treeview by @Jürg_Otter

Also technically not free and donationware, but appears to be in active development.

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The JSONtree view in the examples is pretty good actually.

You are right that is a very pretty piece of work!
However I can’t open the project file with my 2019r1.1 version of Xojo. Oh no…

Looking at the repo, it looks like maybe version 3 is API2 but version 2.1 appears to be API1.

I was able to load the following 2.1 source into Xojo 2019r3.2.

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It’s not free but I highly recommend Einhugur’s TreeView class (as well as his other offerings). It just works how you’d expect and he’s been updating his controls for many years.


It is free - see the MIT license.
I just offer a donation link in case some wants wants to say "Thank you - this helped me and saved me quite some time. Here’s a small donation so you can get a coffee or two :slight_smile: ".

On the right hand side click on “Releases”.
Release 2.1 is the API 1 version, saved with Xojo 2018r4. You can also browse the repo to see the ReadMe as it was then.