Tray Item Questions

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I would like to create Tray Item Menus and Tray Item notifications. The latter is the harder part for me. How can I create a notification that will appear in the System Tray, then be removed either when the user clicks on it, or it times out. Preferrably, I need this to work in Win, Mac and Linux.

Any advice, direction or samples would really be appreciated!

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Xojos’ Tray Item Example of TrayItem Class would be a good starting point. I suggest you to check this out first. You will find it in Subfolder “Desktop”/ “TrayItem”. But it only works in Windows and Linux what makes me to extend your question:

What about Top Menubar on Mac OS X, where you also have kinda “TrayIcons” like volume control, WLAN, Bluetooth, Dropbox etc. Wouldn’t it be great to use for this? Or I am missing something?

You can use the MBS Plugins with NSStatusItemMBS class to get a statusitem on Mac.
For Windows you can use the build in TrayItem class or the WindowsSystemTrayMBS class.

TrayItem works fine for Windows and Linux. MacOSLib has the equivalent for the Mac, complete with comprehensive example.

I use the tray item for menu just fine. But I am looking for other notifcations. I came across this post in the old forum . I think the proper name for this is “balloon” or notification window. The Xojo TrayItem class, does not appear to support this - at least the documentation does not mention it specifically.

Does anyone know if or how to use the TrayItem class to create a balloon or notification window at the system tray?
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Thanks again for the replies everyone!

I think I have something working, at adequately. I added a form, and use the Tray Item to launch the form when necessary

   frmNotice.Left = screen(0).AvailableWidth - frmNotice.Width
    frmNotice.Top = screen(0).AvailableHeight - frmNotice.height
    frmNotice.Visible = True
    frmNotice.tmrVisible.Enabled = True
    frmNotice.tmrVisible.Mode = Timer.ModeSingle
    frmNotice.tmrVisible.Period = 5000  //5 Seconds

Not as beautiful as I would have liked, but perhaps with some more fiddling, I can create something better.


MBS Plugin has try item with balloons…

Thanks Christian,
I am going to take a look at that plugin. I believe I have it already too…