Travel to/from Denver International Airport

The train from DIA to Union Station is $9 and is the easiest way to travel from the airport to the hotel. It’s a .7 mile (8 blocks) walk from the station to the hotel straight down 17th street. Or if you don’t want to walk, there is a bus route and taxis/Uber at Union Station.

That’s what I plan on doing. Seems silly to take a taxi/Uber from the airport to downtown. Depending on the time of day the train might be significantly faster.

Also the train runs every 15 minutes, so that’s very convenient.

@Bob Keeney I agree with you. And I am a big fan of Uber as I use it for work all the time. But when they have a train like that that is fast & reliable it makes it hard not to use the train.

I can’t wait to see all y’all Xojo peeps!

FYI, I just looked it up and an Uber X from the airport is around $40 at this moment. If you’re sharing, it might be worth it.

There was also mention of a “courtesy car” from Union Station on a Trip Advisor review. I’ll look into that and report back.

I am looking forward to avoiding traffic on the train, so much faster! From the Union Station, you can hop on a bus (right by the train) with a big label “FREE MALL RIDE.” It goes all around the area, you’ll be on it for a few stops to Stout Street. The hotel is at 17th street & Stout, so you’ll almost be at the door!

Seems pretty easy and much cheaper than an Uber or Taxi!

After 16 hours of travel, might be easier to just hop on an Uber and get off right in front of the Hotel. :slight_smile:

The important thing is to just get there. A little over a week to go…

I felt ashamed when I discovered there is $9 train after I used a taxi.
Nobody should do the taxi as airport is far outside the city and the train is faster, cheaper and brings you just a few blocks away from hotel.

You could get an uber from Union Station. The $9 train is really easy and avoids a lot of traffic on the highways.

Will certainly do that, thanks Dana!