Trasfer New to Old

Good morning group. Is it possible to go back from a 2023 version to an older one? Because I try to open the project and it tells me that it was created with a more recent version. There’s a way ?

The easiest way to go back is to get an older version of your project from your version control. If you don’t have version control then now is the time to set that up.

If you haven’t use anything specific for 2023 you can make your project items external and import those into a fresh project in the older Xojo version.

What previous version do you want to use ?

Do you have a license for the current version (2023r1.1) ?

Of course, using an older version will (if it can be read) ermove new features…

I didn’t use any particular features (at least it seems to me). I want to pass my project to a friend who has an older version and he doesn’t read the file … but now I try to export it as suggested by Beatrix Willius and have it imported with the older version (it seems to me the 2022).

Thanks I’ll try.