Transparent iOSTable

Does anybody know if there is a way to make the background of the iOS table transparent? I’ve tried looking at iOSDesignExtensions but either there is nothing or I don’t understand. Hope it’s the latter :wink:

well it SHOULD be simple (but then… well you know).

In Swift it is ONE LINE

myTableview.backgroundColor = UIColor.clear

Thanks for your quick reply. Since iOSTable has no background color property in Xojo but only SetTintColor, I tried that but it doesn’t work. Too bad.

Very simple with iOSDesignExtensions:


Awesome! It works for the table now but as soon as I add a custom table cell, its background is white. Somehow I can’t get the custom cell table’s background to be transparent.

Not at my Mac at the moment but is it not a matter of getting a reference to the cell and setting the background color in the same manner? If that’s not working, maybe @Jeremie Leroy can help?

By default the cell have a white (or black in Dark mode) color.

To set the color to transparent you can use cell.SetBackgroundViewColorXC(&cFFFFFFFF)

It works! Thank you everybody!