Transparent DesktopHTMLViewer?

In an app I’m trying to create an “About Window” and I would like to use an DesktopHTMLViewer to show various URL-links.

In CSS i have set the body to transparent but the control still have a white background.

Is it possible to make the control transparent?

You could use transparent labels, and SHOWURL when they are clicked upon…
Avoiding HTML Viewer will keep your app size way down too…

Some time ago there was a blog post on the Xojo blog to add clickable links to a TextField:

Thank you @Jeff_Tullin.
I have several lines of text with URL’s.
I don’t think this approach would be the right one.

@Beatrix_Willius, guess it must be this one : Updated Tutorial: Active Words.
I will give it a try, thanks

Have you read this entry from the Documentation:
(Calling Native About Window)

No, I didn’t
Good to know, thanks @Emile_Schwarz