Transparent ContainerControl

Hi All,

I have ContainerControls on MacOS and Windows. I expected container controls to be “Transparent” (the background of the containercontrol) On Windows they don’t seem to honor the ContainerControl.Transparent = True value.
In the IDE:

  • Transparent = True (On)
  • Custom Color = False (Off)
    On macOS it all works as expected.

I tried to drop the container in the Window, and using .EmbedWithin(Panel) both won’t work.
The containers show with a White background (Always?), unless i set custom color but then i’ts also transparent.

Using 2018R2.

Anyone noticed the same, perhaps i’m missing something?
Perhaps anyone has a good alternative?

I see also plenty off Transparency issues with Containers, TabPanels, Labels, CheckBoxes, …
All only on Windows. Nesting (setting correct parent orders) makes no difference.

I’ve had the best luck painting my containers with what’s going behind them and Transparent = False.

A so the transparent = true doesn’t even work on windows?

At least it looks like this on TabPanels in Containers.

Did anyone manage to find a solution to this issue?

I hadn’t seen this post and posted a similar issue report (

@Derk Jochems

Did you manage to find a solution?

I could be wrong but in Xojo 2018r3 it looks like this to me:

1 Tab panels do not obey the transparency property
2 Controls on top of the tab panel do obey the transparency property as if the tab panel where transparent.

If we have the following: Window - Tab panel - Label then the tab panels background color will be white and the Labels background color will be the windows background color(!).

I have an example project but I don’t know how to attach it here…

There is a bug report <> since 2012!!. Well, in fact it was another problem but the consequence is the same. It could be easily transformed into a Feature Request (<>)
And the problem persists: Tab panel is white, it cannot be changed. It doesn’t matter if Transparent is True or False.

I’ve added <>

“Background color of controls in container controls inherits wrongly window background color when container control is placed on a Tab Panel”