Transparent Container Control

macOS High Sierra Xojo 2016r4

No matter what I do, if I attempt to build a custom control using a container control, the background is always transparent

  1. using Custom Color toggle has no affect
  2. setting background color in Open Event has no affect
  3. setting Erasebackground and/or Transparent toggles have no affect

yes I could stick a canvas in there, but then what is the advantage of the container control in this instance?
Its purpose is to hold an array of buttons

Have you tried using the paint event on the container?

Thanks… that DID work. but still begs the question why those properties that logically should have done the same, didn’t?

FYI… Custom Color works at Design Time, but not at RunTime

As you probably know, Containers are this magic fusion of the Window class and the RectControl class, and inherit all of the properties thereof. My suspicion is that they are calling into the Window code to set the background color and that just doesn’t work in something that only renders a view.