Transparent canvas

Hi, guys,

I have an app with transparent canvas with no background. When the cursor enters into the canvas, a sound file starts playing.

Everything works as expected on Mac. On Windows, when the cursor enters the canvas - the canvas is displayed as a white square (even though it is set to be transparent).

Is there a way to fix this behavior on Windows? It is not affecting the functionality but it is not aesthetically pleasing.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you,


its enabled and invalidate use clear background and backdrop is none?
and there is nothing behind this canvas?

Remember that Windows has a pseudo-transparency system and that transparent controls get their background from the parent control.

Hi, all,

I found where the problem was. I have a canvas to recognize the cursor entering so that it could trigger the audio play.

I have placed an Oval over the canvas to make it visible when the cursor is within the canvas to show which canvas is selected.

The Oval’s behavior is different on Mac and Win. On Windows, I needed to set the “Transparent” to True so that the white rectangle disappears.

This is to what Tim probably is referring.

Now it looks much prettier.

Thank you for all your help guys.