Transparent Canvas on a Canvas doesn't pickup the parent canvas' color

I use a canvas on a canvas to generate a more consistent and generic toolbar for my cross platform apps. I’ve just noticed that the top-layer canvas - which has Transparent set - doesn’t pick up the color of it’s parent, but instead that canvas’ parent (the main container background color)

Bug, or “As designed”?

Why a canvas on canvas? Why not simply one canvas? (Or maybe canvases on a ContainerControl?)

r for Restore is understandable, but why does Archive have a b as letter?


Then it should say backup.

Archive and Backup are different things: “An archive is a collection of historical records that are kept for long-term retention and used for future reference. Typically, archives contain data that is not actively used. Basically, a backup is a copy of a set of data, while an archive holds original data that has been removed from its original location.”

That was a rough-up shot that I just placed some PNG’s into …

It’s done that way to allow me to manipulate the text and images without the issues that I was seeing trying to draw/paint the image and text into the parent canvas previously.

But … the question still stands - bug, or as designed?

How are you drawing your content?
Is the whole thing an image or do you drawstring the text or is that a label?
Is the image I see a drawpicture or on the background?
Can you put up a simple demo as I cant seem to replicate it with primitives (filloval etc.)

Just remember in Xojo 2018 the Canvas is not transparent anymore (sic!) on Windows.
See this feedback case <> (Closed, By Design).