Transparency issues on GroupBox and Radio Buttons

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I started to build an app for windows and i noticed that the Colours on windows are strange and there are transparency issues with the GroupBox label and the Radio Buttons .

So i have a Window, a PagePanel, inside a Group Box and then inside this group box another page panel and the group box and the radio buttons from the snapshot . It seems that no matter what i do on the Group box i end up with those label transparency issues on them. Any idea how to fix and avoid this ?

Xojo 2016R4.1


Label can be made transparent. It is a simple switch in the Inspector.

Other controls, not. Basically, they are false transparency, which means they take the background color of the parent control.

Well i had same interface , same controls build in 2016R4 and it seems that i dont have this issue , the labels are ok and you dont see that colour background on each control so something changed between the updated . I`m looking on an older version of the app that was built with earlier versions and it was ok, now i noticed that in the latest update .

2016R4.1 now use Direct2D so it may have induced some differences. File a bug report to have a chance to get that fixed.

I can’t replicate this (Coding on macOS Sierra, using my App on Windows 10). Do you see the same issues in a fresh/new Project?

I can replicate this on Windows 10, 2016 R4.1

I just switched my old Barcode Wizard to 2016R4.1 on PC under Windows 10, I do not see any issue with transparent labels.

Would the problem be in non HDPI mode ?

It seems that this is reproducible with Hi-DPI enabled or disabled. Here is how I was able to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a new desktop project on Windows 10
  2. Enable Background Custom Color
  3. Change Window1 background colour to any other colour than the default
  4. Drag and drop a GroupBox control on Window1

The default background colour surrounding the GroupBox text has the same default background colour of Window1

Added comment: I was not able to replicate the issue with a RadioButton Control. Only the GroupBox control seems to have this issue.

It looks like this issue was reported in feedback.