Translating Objective C (Apple Developer Docs) into Xojo

Jim put up an excellent short tutorial on how to read Apple‘s developer docs and translate what you read into Xojo.
You can find it here:

Thanks a lot, Jim!

Good idea to start a thread, Ulrich. So one will be able to find here pointers to useful resources.

I often mention it, but in this thread Sam Rowlands took the time to describe very well how to build a declare from CTFontManagerRegisterFontsForURL and explained how he did it :

It’s worth posting again the link to where the chapter ‘Translating C to REALbasic’ is right in this thread topic. Note that the site somehow triggers a warning because the SSL is expired, but is OK in the end so it should not stop you from getting the best out of it.

We all should be grateful to Jim for posting a very clear tutorial :slight_smile: Now I have to go through it step by step and make sure I understand everything :wink:

Also, copied from the NSSearchField thread :

That was exactly what I had in mind – thanks a lot for your valuable additions, Michel!

I now have the feeling that many missing pieces are listed, and just like you I have to look into those examples long enough until having the words becomes understanding (hopefully).