Transforming non ASCII vowels into ASCII vowels

The only solution I come to is to set a bunch of If and review each and every non ASCII vowels to remplace it by its ASCII counterpart…
Something like:

If Key = "É" Or Key = "È" Or Key = "Ë" Or Key = "Ê" Then key = "E" End If
Same apply for AEIOUY… characters

I actually strips these characters (in fact I only keep a-z characters), but I used one of these characters and without it the word looks jazzy) and that looks as amateur in the worst meaning.

Is there’s anothe way to achieve that goal ?

How about converting the encoding to ascii:

aString = ConvertEncoding(aString, Encodings.Ascii)

What a nice idea ?

I am quite sure that I would never think at that !

I will add it right now.


Implemented: works fine as awaited.