Transfering License Key

My main laptop is brocken and sent to repair. I have copied verything via timemachine backup to a temporary replacement computer, but now I’m missing the XOJO license. How can I transfer the license to the computer I’m currently working on? Note: as soon as I get back my main laptop, I need the license to work again on the main computer.
I’m working using an older XOJO version which has expired.

This page should help:

If you have additional license questions, contact customer support directly:

Log into your account at
Click on my licenses
Remove the licence for your old computer
Download the licence to your new computer

No chance to connet to the server:
“Xojo was unable to connect to the authentication server. Check your network settings, and try again”
My Network settings are OK.

Just use a browser to go to

Depending on how old is your license, you may need to contact support at the email Paul mentioned.