Train not running NEXT weekend

I just heard that the train from Union Station to the airport won’t be running next Saturday-Monday but they will have busses available, however it will add 15-20 minutes to the travel time (depending on the time of day) due to traffic, so plan ahead…

Trains in France are not so much running too: some workers are on strike (the first time I took the train alone more than 45 years ago, they already were on strike :frowning: ).

Sorry Dana, I could not resist.

Thats a bit of a pain, although their ticketing app is quite useful,, having now bought my inboud ticket in advance.

Here the official page:
They say to plan 60 minutes more for the bus shuttle.

I was just at the train station at the airport and the operator mentioned that the bus shuttle could be as much as 1.5 hours.

The Magnolia Hotel does business with a car service and they can get up to three people to the airport for a flat fee of 60$.

We could coordinate when people leave to leave together.
e.g. Saturday 12 o’clock (noon)