Track mobile hardware

Has anyone made an application that can track mobile (iPad or iPhone) in real-time, to know where my people are?

Any ideas are welcome.

Find My Friends will do that.

Our app has a new feature to “Find my Team” which uses iOSLocation to regularly send the coordinates of each user within an organisation so they can be plotted on a map. It’s primarily a safety feature, as users can trigger a silent “duress alert”, for example to indicate that they feel threatened, and this results in a notification via our web app to all other team members.

However our implementation only works while the app is running. I briefly looked into trying to make it send location updates while the app was backgrounded but it seemed that this might not be possible in Xojo. Fortunately feedback from users was that they would switch off location services if they could be tracked in background so the feature seems useful without that.

Thanks, Jason,

I’m going to wait to see if any additional responses will let me know if XOJO will be able to work in iOS background mode.

Either way, your comments are helpful.