Track all web apps and all sessions on a server.

I have a production server that contains many xojo web apps and where many users can connect to.

Some web apps are stand alone and some others are CGI.

I would like to see on my server by session ID who are connected, on which web app it is connected and other details.

There was a code using Runtime.objectiterator but it only gives information on my current app.

Is there a way to see all Xojo apps and find out who is connected?

In each application you iterate through the sessions in the app object. Use SessionCount to get the number of sessions and whatever other information you can glean from the session.

So, to do what you want you’ll have to create a management web app that interrogates each web app to get their session information. Number of ways to do it I suppose. TCP Sockets. Even using SpecialURL is a possibility. Not sure if ServerSocket works in web apps but that might be another possibility.

Thanks Bob for your answer.

I find out that there is no easy way to browse all the web apps. It has to be done one by one.

In each web apps, I will write in a data base all the access per user and a web app to extract the information I need. Of course, I would have preferred to read it directly from the run time objects but it is an easy way to do it.

Glad I can help. Keep It Simple, Silly (KISS) is usually the best way to go about things like this.