Tower Defense Games


Today is a holyday here in Brazil (Thanks God!!).

I will play a little with my son :wink:

I really likes “tower defense” games. In my opinion gemcraft chasing shadows is one of the best :wink:

Anyone here also likes games???


Currently I’m enjoying Clash of Clans. We have a Xojo Clan going, so if you are interested… we are looking for more players.

Here is the Xojo Clash of Clans discussion thread.


I never played! I will try today!

Cool… it is completely free and we already have 13 other Xojonites on our team… :slight_smile:

AND - we are actually making one!
Why not join us? See the charity post for more details, and then PM me if you are interested :slight_smile:

I prefer the Call of Duty series of console games!
Addicted to Black Ops 2 :slight_smile:

+1 for CoD!

Always have to lock the Xbox away otherwise I’d never get anything productive accomplished. :slight_smile:

My absolute favorite tower defense game is Kingdom Rush (and follow-up, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers). I’ve spent dozens (and possibly hundreds) of hours playing KR over the last few years. It’s one of the few games I’ve played through and then gone back to get “three stars” on each level.

I play mainly on the iPad, but sometimes on my phone when I’m trapped somewhere and need a fix. I think they have an online (browser-based) version but I’ve never played that one.

Kingdom Rush. Try it (when you don’t have a pressing deadline).