Touch screen on raspberry pi 3

I’m currently using a raspberry pi running the most recent version of Jessie and the official 7" touchscreen. My problem is I have a canvas control that doesn’t fire the mouse drag event using touch. It works using a mouse but swiping with a finger only fires the mouse down and mouse up events. Would this be a Xojo problem or a raspberry pi problem? Does anyone else have the same issue?


the doc’s say it is available on Linux

The Doc’s also say you must return True in the MouseDown event first.

Did you try that already?

Yeah. It works if I use the mouse but not if I use the touchscreen.

Is the mouse move event firing? Maybe the touch is not treated as a drag?

Hi Jay,

On my Raspberry Pi there was an extra set of wires to retrieve the touch position to the Pi. There was also a cable to attach the video-out from the Pi to the screen. Are both sets of wires connected? Just asking :slight_smile:

Mouse move doesn’t fire either. I can see the cursor move under my finger and the mouse down and mouse up work so I believe everything is hooked up correctly.

What version of Xojo?


Try compiling in 2017r1.1 When they went to GTK3 in 2017r2 it broke Touch

I’m not home right now but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

On mine too, and works well.
Last thing I did with it was Xojo 2016R4.1

Everything works fine in release 1. Thanks for the help.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but is there a feedback case number for this?
I’m still having this same issue.

Post with Feedback case I filed

Amazing thanks!
Looks like I need to get 2018r3 installed.