Topic wish for XDC from me?

Hello everyone,

For XDC I do a MBS overview, which of course scratches only the surface of many topics. I thought if there is interest, we could make a deep dive session to look closer in a specific thing or two.

Or maybe an advanced debugging session to show how I lookup assembly to find bugs in compiler and frameworks?

Or take something like the Scintilla control and go through the examples, look on all the options and how we get a theme done.

Attendees can of course ask questions to steer the conversation, but everyone else may just watch the video.

Let me know!


Advanced Debugging would be interesting to me.


How to hack-proof your application?

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Hack-proof is something impossible, but make apps a bit harder for crackers is something I wanted to address here :

Issue 72066 : Compiler: Obfuscation and smaller apps