Top Project Management Myths: Part 1

Over the years I have heard many misconceptions and myths about what #projectmanagers do and don’t do, or the value they do or don’t bring. I am going to tackle common project management myths in part 1 of my new series:

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Many of the Xojo consultants are solo developers so they end up being both developer, project manager, sales, HR, and everything else in between. It’s not an ideal situation because there are times when the Developer is at odds with the Project Manager and Sales hats. My job as a developer is to say, “Yes! I can do that whizzbang feature you’re asking for.” But the project manager has to say, “We’d love to do it but it will cost $x more and take y additional weeks.” That is an uncomfortable position to be in and one of the (many) reasons why it makes sense to have multiple people on your team so it’s not all just one one persons shoulders.