Tooltips not showing on disabled web controls

What has happened to tooltips on disabled web controls? One of my biggest bugbears as a user of GUIs is when a control is disabled but I don’t know why. In our applications, we update the tooltip for disable controls to say why the control is disabled.

But it appears that tooltips now disappear when a web control is disabled. Is this by design?

I don’t think is by design because a Desktop application shows the Tooltips when the control is disabled, so web should do the same.

Please create an issue.

I suspect that it’s a “feature” of Bootstrap.

It is, and there’s a recommended workaround: Move the tooltip to a parent element.

And it is the same as Bootstrap 4.6, so maybe Bootstrap 5 ‘fixed’ the tooltips?

and now the workaround is required.

Edit: can’t make Bootstrap 4.6 show tooltips for disabled button but Xojo 2023r1.1 shows them. Maybe Greg added a workaround to show the tooltips when disabled and need update for Bootstrap 5?

We’ve implemented our own global stylesheet so we might be able to override this Bootstrap “feature”!


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