TooltipImpWin32 runtime error

I’ve got a Windows user reporting a runtime error with the following information:

Common\Tooltip\TooltipImpWin32.cpp: 48
Failure Condition: imp

That’s all the info I can get about when it happens, they’re reporting it through an IT person so it’s very difficult to figure out what they’re doing to get there, but they claim it’s on startup of the app. As far as I can tell/recall, I don’t have any tooltips defined but when I search for “tooltip” there are 1000+ controls that I’d have to click through so that’s tough to see.

Any idea what might cause this and what to look for?

From a quick look in the framework, it looks like a its the result of a failed call to GetPropA to look up the property “TooltipInstance” inside the TRACKMOUSEEVENT but my assembly is very rusty so that might be a little off.

The only things I can think of off the top of my head are, does the customer have a special input device or are they on a non-english OS?

@William_Yu Might be able to help shed more light on this for you.

Thanks, I’ll ask about both of those things.

As soon as a window is created the TooptipInstance property is added to it so I can’t really see how it can reference a window without that property on it. Are you using DoEvents anywhere or doing something strange with windows on app start?

Do you use App.ShowTooltip anywhere in your app?

Hmmm the same code runs if you have a Listbox on the window even without a tooltip added, odd. You might have to send the crash dump in to xojo to find this issue.

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Considering I haven’t even been successful at getting them to tell me what version of Windows they’re using, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to get a crash dump. But I’ll try. Thanks!