Tools Used with Xojo

A few years ago i started tread on this forum that was valuable, So, I thought I would do it again.

What tools do you use from day to day along side Xojo that make you life easier?

I find that I use the following apps every day directly alongside Xojo:

Yoink: A drag and drop “extender” for Mac
Flycut: Remembers you last 50 or so copy and past rest string
ScreenFloat: Allows you to do quick screen grabs and keeps the window on top for quick comparisons.
Atext: a text expander like “textExpander” but cost $2.
Spectacles: For quick Window management.

well for me. none of the above (nor similar tools). Most of the tools are ones I wrote myself

  • PaintDS - a MSPaint clone for macOS, for icons, graphics etc.
  • iconResizer - creates all the required icons from a master image (icons for iOS, Android, Xojo and AppStore)
  • Tadpole - SQLite Database Manager
  • UltraEdit - text editor for non-XOJO code related tasks (note : this one I DID NOT write)

Keyboard Maestro - Macro app on steroids.

Valentina Studio Pro - SQL database manager.

XsEdit - XojoScript editor of my own creation.

BBEdit - Text editor that doesn’t suck.

SourceTree - Source control.

AppWrapper - for Mac code signing

Base - Lightweight SQLite editor

Navicat - (MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite) for heavier lifting with databases

DMG Canvas - created mac Disk images

Parallels - Virtual OS for testing many varieties of Linux and Windows, and even some old Mac OS’

Cocoa JSON Editor - edit JSON files. Apparently this app has been discontinued. Bummer. :frowning:

been replaced by smart json editor ?

source : Redirecting...

Paw - API tool for the Mac

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Notepad++ for advanced text editing, includes a JSON viewer/formatter

Everything for super-fast indexing/searching of files by name (Windows only)

VirtualBox for VMs

Github desktop for source control

Navicat for SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgresSQL, SQLServer
NCReport and Open RPT
Help and Manual
Some homemade ‘couldn’t do without anymore’ tools, of course MADE WITH XOJO

Snagit - screen capture
Sqlyog - MySQL/MariaDB
WinSCP - ftp client
Drupal - web application development
PHPStorm - web application development
Wamp - local apache/php/mysql stack

Platform = Mac
Path Finder A great Finder replacement - lots of features and utilities
ClipMenu Free clipboard manager with definable snippets
Parallels - as already mentioned, but also gives you Parallels Toolbox for free - a great assortment of utilities
Valentina Studio Pro - as already mentioned, but also for creating/embedding reports into apps
Yummy FTP Pro FTP client
BBedit - a great programming/text editor, as already mentioned

Find any File : for searching files
Prefs Editor: for editing preferences files
Arbed: Swiss Army Knife for Xojo files
Affinity Designer: replacement for Adobe Fireworks to make icons
Viper FTP: isn’t the Yummy guy dead?
Redmine + Wunderlist: manage my chaos
Hexfiend/0xEd: when every byte counts
Rapidweaver: for manual and website
Screenium: makes videos to document bugs
JWildfire: when I can’t see any code anymore

Free Windows Utilities:

Everything: Instantly searches entire hard drive!!

ClipCip: Clipboard Manager

SQLiteExpert: SQLite DB Manager

XnView: Photo Manager

in no order:

RegExEx - for working out the RegEx voodoo.
atom - for text files/perl/python/ruby/bash/dockerfiles/etc
sqlitemanager - sqlite
Valentia Studio - sqlite/postgres
shellcraft* - ssh client for the mac
safari/firefox/chrome - web browser (chrome is such a hog I limit its use)
gitlab (self hosted) - git repos and CI/CD pipelines
docker - for microservices
vmware - for VMs (both Fussion on Mac and ESXi as a server)
rapidweaver - website design
Affinity Photo* - image editing
Pixlemator* - image editing
sourcetree - git client
tower - git client

  • item are bought off the App Store so I dont have links.

Total Commander (Windows)
MidnightCommander (Linux)
Gnome Commander (Linux)
IE, Edge, Opera and FireFox webbrowsers
DBExplorer (homebrew Sqlite and Mysql webprogram)
IrfanView (Photoviewer/-editor/-resizer)
Keycode (homebrew keycode scanner)
Oracle VM Virtual box
Ashampoo Winoptimizer
VNC-viewer and server (for Raspberry Pi and Pine 64 Arm-Linux tests)
Etcher for burning SD-cards for Linux and Windows
Context Programmer’s editor
Antechinus Javascript editor
and for relaxing and fun: Shisen Sho made by William Yu.

I use this great tool for 22 years already. It stil gets updates, 64 bit etc., and it’s often the first program I install on a new Windows box/vm. And, for working at somebody else’ machine I have the portable version on a stick. Simply can’t do without anymore, don’t even know how Windows Explorer works.

Platform: Mac

Affinity Designer: For making icons.
CloudMounter: Direct access to cloud disks.
DropDMG: Creating disk images (dmg) with background and may more.
iClip: Great clipboard manager.
IconJar: Fantastic app to store icons.
Navicat: To maintain databases.
Parallels Desktop for Mac: Easiest way to use Windows on my Mac.
RapidWeaver: For creating and maintaining the websites I created for customers.
Snagit: Very versatile screen capture app.
UltraEdit: A great editor.
xScope: Very nice screen measuring tool.

I created a simple Text Editor that deals with RTF (Read/Write), so I can generate rtf files my xojo projects are happy with…

Apple’s TextEdit do not do that and all other (LibreOffice for example) applications I have do the same.

Like you, I also have a bunch of home made applications that help me on an everyday basis (Icons, SQL, html, File Manager, etc.)

@Paul Sondervan - you forgot at least one:

  • QueryDb - the fantastic SQL-tool (+ classes) we have build 2 years ago.

10.11.2002 here :slight_smile:

Platforms: Windows and Raspberry Pi

Paint.Net (Windows Store) – Paint program for graphics

VNC Server/Client for Windows/Raspberry Pi Real VNC – connect and work with Raspberry Pi apps with Windows

Ice Cream Screen Recorder Ice Cream – Videos controls not registered on the screen with Xojo for Feedback

Microsoft Word 2019 Microsoft Word – Creates Books

Jutoh Jutoh – Creates Kindle books

XML Validator XML Validator – checks for errors in received and sent XML

JSON Formatter Json Formatter – verify format of received and sent JSON

Etcher Etcher – Formatting Raspberry Pi SD Cards on Windows

Visual Studio Visual Studio – Make plugins for Xojo on Windows

FlashPrint Flash Print – Convert 3D models to print for Raspberry Pi Xojo Automation

3D Builder (Windows Store) – Create 3D models for Raspberry Pi Automation