tools for ios


i have idea to create gui editor (not on xojo) for iphone / ipad for editing xojo project (xml format) gui and code editor

anybody may be interessed ?

The company may or may not like that one.

What’s wrong with the Xojo GUI editor? I mean why use your app over Xojo?

I understood that, but you’re still stepping into a huge intellectual property grey zone (unknown.)

And when / if we change the format your tool breaks

I love your add-ons Jean-Paul but I’d be wary of using a non-Xojo interface builder. Plus I’m not sure how useful it would be because unlike desktop I only ever have a few controls in an iOSView (due to the small screen size) so laying out the UI isn’t really a burden. And a non-Xojo code editor seems like a big job for a potentially small gain. But that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

But hey if you do want to crack on with something…how about WatchKit! Yeah! WatchKit! You know you want to… :slight_smile:

[quote=189844:@jean-paul devulder]
the idea is just working on gui on your iphone directly when you are in transport (bus,train,aircraft) for gain time.[/quote]

Looks like you want this for you primarily. I am not too sure designing on a tablet without a mouse is the way to go, but nothing prevents you from starting a prototype and see where it takes you.

The grey zone starts when executing code, which his project does not envision. As it stands, it looks not more an issue as Arbed. Or Declare Maker which generates XML classes from Apple web site pages.

He should probably formalize a bit what he wants to do and ask Geoff. I doubt it should be a problem if all it does is help create views that ultimately can be used only by Xojo iOS.

Actually the project is kind of intriguing. Won’t any of us like to design screens on a tablet while travelling ? Moreover, would it not be possible to do the same for Desktop and Web with the same product?

Excellent point.Or what happens when new controls are added.

As far as iOS is concerned, designing a view can be even complexified by the fact that Width, Height, Left and Top though present in the XML are completed by high level constraints.

I doubt there is much commercial perspective for such a product, but maybe what Jean-Paul needs is a feel of an eventual need. It seems he wants it for himself first.

Certainly laying out an iOS UI requires autolayout & doing “something” correct to write the constraints etc
If all you write is top left width & height you’ll end up not writing something usable in the IDE