How does one access a toolbar button outside of the ButtonAction event?

According to the LR I should be able to just do ToolBar1.WhateverMyButtonisNamed and whatever function I want to use from there. The toolbar I have was created in the editor so the buttons should be available like on my page shown event shouldn’t it?

It’s really frustrating spending an entire afternoon trying to use some example out of the LR that does not seem to work.


What is your code?

Does the typeahead see ToolBar1.WhateverMyButtonisNamed ?

No the typeahead does not see the buttons at all.

My code is simply ToolBar1. and I do not see the button at all. I have multiple buttons and some menus as well.

Perhaps the buttons do not autocomplete, but code like this seems to work:

Toolbar1.Button1.Caption = "Test"

It should work I guess. Problem is though any of the buttons I have created do not show up after typing ToolBar1 in the typeahead.

So if I have a button named Button1 and I type ToolBar1.Button1.Caption I get an error stating that the item does not exist even though it was created and all in the toolbar editor.

Create a blank web page project and add a toolbar and then a button and see if in the shown event of the page you can access the button because I cannot.

Disregard, seems to works suddenly now.

Still cannot do what I needed though.

Aren’t you talking about WebToolBar ?

What is it that you are trying to do?