Toolbar toggled not showing text

After working with the toolbar, I notice that toggling a button causes the caption to disappear with Xojo Web 2014 r2.1, Windows 8.1.

Here is an example toolbar with a style added which shows this issue. Remember to single-click on the button to refresh it.
Toolbar Download

The button seems to work as expected when it is a new project with no style added.

Is there something I am doing wrong when applying a style to the toolbar?

Thanks for your help.

Opened Feedback 35185.

@Eugene Dakin,
You can add a direct Feedback link in your message. :slight_smile:

Feedback provides this option.

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Result: feedback://showreport?report_id=35185

Thank you Paul.

This is another one of the great things about these forums, I always get to learn something new! :slight_smile: