Toolbar text displays differently on Linux

Today I did my first compile of a rather large Windows application I’ve been working on for the past year, to Linux 64-bit. I’m pleased to say it was a huge success and ran flawlessly on the client’s machine, first time, without requiring any tweaking or installing of libraries. Kudos to the Xojo team!

I was just wondering… the Toolbar on the Linux system displays the text next to the icons, while on Windows it displays the text below the icons. Is this normal for Linux, or should I file a feedback report about this? Also, the text of the combobox is cut off on the Linux system, compared to Windows?

Here are the screenshots to illustrate…



Yes, it’s normal. Visit and examine the screenshots of one of our cross-platform apps to see the differences between Windows, OS X and Linux when running applications compiled from the same Xojo project.

Even better, run the Xojo IDE on each operating system and note the visual differences in the IDE itself.

The toolbar display is normal. You’ll see the same thing when you run the Xojo IDE on Linux as well.

As far as your ComboBox being cut off, you’ll have to increase the size of the control when you are running on Linux. Some Linux distros/themes use a larger font size that can cause this. Also see this example on how you can get the default control size so you can resize it:


Thanks for clarifying guys.

Will look using the default control size example.