Toolbar pushes Container down so resize is needed

I have searched for forum for issues with adding a Toolbar to a Window, but not found this obvious problem. Does anyone know a workaround? I have tried increasing the Window height, but it doesn’t work.

  1. Add a standard 300x300 Container to a Project, filled with fields top to bottom.
  2. Add the Container to a Window which is set as 300x300 W&H, and 300x300 min/max W&H. Run.
  3. The Window will appear correctly with the fields in their Container location
  4. Add a Toolbar with icons to the Project. Run.
  5. The bottom fields in the Container are now clipped off. You must manually resize to see these fields.

Without a toolbar

With a toolbar


How does this show in the ide?

In the IDE the Toolbar sits as an icon in the bottom tray, so it is no help!

see reply in FB case, i think you’ve corrupted your project file.

@Greg_O_Lone could you review this case so it’s known if this is caused by another xojo version?

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