ToolBar on Windows - Buttons arrangements

Hello Guys,

Is there a way to handle the position of the buttons on the toolbar on windows ?

For example i put LeftButton - Flexible Space - RightButton , on mac i have LeftButton on the left of the screen and the right button on the right of the screen but on windows the right is next to the left so it`s like the flexible space gets ignored .

Any idea how to have it same way on both mac and windows ?


Found the details :

[quote]ToolStyleSpace The ToolButton is a fixed-width space. (Supported on macOS and Linux only.)
ToolStyleFlexibleSpace The ToolButton is a flexible space. (Supported on macOS and Linux only.)[/quote]

I wish it was available on windows as well.

On Windows you can use a blank button and manage the width by the number of spaces in the caption. It is not automatic, though. You will have to expriment to obtain the right width.

Thanks ,i was testing that actually but its very hard as the window is resizable so i have to find a way to calculate those and the buttons dont help at all as there is not property to get button size and so on, so a lot of work to be done.

Thanks for the tip.

In Windows you have a Separator.
ToolStyleSeparator - The ToolButton is a separator. (Supported on Windows and Linux only.)

For one of my apps that is multi-platforms I have simply flushed left the Windows version. At one point, some things are simply impossible.

The native Win32 toolbar simply doesn’t support some things