Toolbar icon size for floating windows on macOS 11.x

Has macOS 11 a new icon size for Toolbar on a floating window?

My guess is on Big Sur, as Apple have switched to using SF Symbols for everything, they didn’t notice this.

If you make 16 x 16 versions does this work?

This is the toolbar with 16x16 pixel icons.

Oh Boy!

If you have a declare library or plugin, you could try to manually set the size and see if this makes any difference.

NSToolbarSetSizeMode( NSWindowToolbar( me.handle ) ) = NSToolbarSizeModeValue.small

If I set this in the Toolbar open event, it looks good on macOS 10, but not in macOS 11

macOS 10:

macOS 11:

Wy we can’t change the window.type on runtime?

if SystemInformationMBS.isBigSur then
Window2.Type = Window.Types.Document
end if

var w3 as new Window2
w3.type = Window.Types.Document
w3.Title = “Window3”

This doesn’t work on macOS10 and macOS11

If I use this, the icon size is okay.

if SystemInformationMBS.isBigSur then
var t as NSToolbarMBS = self.NSToolbarMBS
t.sizeMode = NSToolbarMBS.NSToolbarSizeModeSmall
t.displayMode = NSToolbarMBS.NSToolbarDisplayModeIconOnly
end if

FWW … I do not see that here in my apps (running macOS 11.0). The toolbar icons are displayed correctly.

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Yes, that’s correct, but if your have a Floating Window (like Window2) with a toolbar and the toolbar has text, the icon size is not correct. The text is a little bit smaller, but the icon height is not the same like icon width.

Please file a bug report about this with an example project

Case #62654 created

It seems that is a bug on macOS 11 and is fixed in 11.1 (see screenshot)

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