Toolbar greyed in Modal window

This behaviour started with Mac Ventura but when a Document window opens another window the toolbar is greyed out. It still works and lights up after I click a button but this has never happened before and nothing has been changed in the project.
It doesn’t happen in all my projects so may have something to do with various functions running in the OPEN event.
How do I bring focus back to the toolbar?

My first answer is:
Modal window, a child window that requires users to interact with it before they can return to operating the parent application
From wikipedia.

Maybe Modal and Toolbar are incompatibles…

True, all other controls are visible and ready to use, why has the toolbar suddenly become greyed out since Mac Ventura? This app’s worked fine for over 10 years.

Unfortunately, this means nothing.

As an example, I discovered a bug in one of mine that is 10 years old. I only needed to have a birth date on a February 29 to discover it (and I found it in a csv file I found in the internet). The users never fall into that trap (nor any other that I am responsible of).

I shared the definition of Modal Window and the concept of toolbar does not fit there.

I searched in the Human Interface Guidelines, but they totally changed the presentation and I do not found a description of use for Modal Window.
Xojo documentation talked about mouse and keyboard working differences too…

But, this is your software.

Thanks, I have since found that it occurs on any second Window even another Document Window.
There are also several posts to this forum with the same problem but they all have no solution.

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I found a chapter in the HIG (Apple/Adddison Wesley) aboutr Modal Dialog that said:

Use modal dialog boxes when it’s appropriate to restrict user input to a certain order, that is, when your application needs information before it can continue. A modal dialog box is fairly simple to implement, but that doesn’t mean that you should use modal dialog boxes too freely. You should rarely restrict the user’s actions by forcing the user into a mode.

BTW: nothing about “Modal WIndow” in that book.

What is the Frame you set for that window ?
Do you display that window using ShowModal, ShowModalWithin, ShowWithin ?

That enforce my idea about not use a ToolBar there.

Without the software, it is not easy to advice. There are so many different ways to achive the goal(s).

After some sleep, and if you really need to have buttons in that window, use many small Canvas as buttons…
In that case, you can place colors or greyscale images at your will.