Toolbar Buttons in Titlebars (Mac)

Some Mac apps have buttons in the title bar area.

Is anything like this possible with XoJo?

@Rob Hallock

FYI the link points to Example Domain

@Rob Hallock — You may want to ask on StackExchange or Apple’s forums. There are very few things doable in Cocoa but not in Xojo (and I don’t even have one example in mind) and I don’t know how it is actually done in Cocoa.

Some info in this thread that may help:

The answer is yes.

There are two ways.

  1. Use a Toolbar and appropriate declares to alter the window’s look.
  2. Eradicate the window titlebar (again with declares) and move your controls to the top of the window.

If your interface and requirements are simple, use method 1. If they’re more complicated use method 2.

You can find the declares in various places, as I wrote the Retina Kit + Interface Kit, I’ll suggest that The demo application uses the first method.