Tool for generating Xojo classes from ObjectiveC headers

Is there a need for a (to-be-paid-for) tool that scans Objective-C library headers and generates Xojo wrapper classes for them?

Basically, the same outcome that macoslib provides, but instead of having to code every declare and accessor function by hand, a tool would accomplish that.

I am considering of adding such a feature to Arbed, but it would cost extra. And only if there’s any demand for it.

That would be a nice addition to Arbed, however I feel this is a tool to be used rarely.
It doesn’t happen every day to wrap libraries in Xojo.

However it seems me to recall in past there was similar tool for generating declares from C headers (pre Carbon).
And if I’m not wrong it was from you!
This helped me a lot on learning how to translate C data types to REALbasic and back, and I believe a such tool for Cocoa (and why not for Windows API) could be very useful for many people.

I know that there was someone who was making one a little while ago, but I’m not going to comment on who unless they reveal it. I also created a small app which parses the online documentation to make the classes. You can search the forum for Declare Maker to find it.

Hi Massimo,
Yes, that old tool allowed to create declares from old .h files, including the 68k code in hex notation. It wasn’t originally by me, though I have then improved on it later, adding search for .h files, for instance. That’s a loooong time ago…

This is going to be quite a task. Also have a look at BridgeSupport – it is for runtime support of the Objective C Runtime, but might prove helpful.

Jason, searching “Declare Maker” doesn’t find it, but “DeclareMaker” does :slight_smile:

OK, no need to make me feel older than what I’m already :stuck_out_tongue: