Tomorrow is Amelia Earhart Day

Amelia Earhart Day

As well as

National Drive Thru Day

and one of my favourites

National Tequila Day !

…Amelia Earhart flew a lotta airplanes, except for that one time when she didn’t come back…[quote=278772:@Norman Palardy]
National Tequila Day ![/quote]

Hmmm, coincidence, or mystery solved?

Dunno if she drank it or not

Did seem odd that Earhart Day & Drive Thru day are on the same day though (dumb jokes allowed here)

But then it IS also Pioneer Day and Amelia was definitely one

And …
tell an old joke day
Auntie’s Day
Cousins Day

what if my Auntie told an old job about my cousin… but it turned out to be true?

Talk to her parents ? Since its parents day too

but … its just a job so … :stuck_out_tongue: