ToDoList not running

I cannot get the ToDoList program to run. Being new to this software I am not sure what extra info to send along so that others on the forum can help me. At present these are the following errors.
Type “WebTextField” has no member named “Value”
Parameters are not compatible with this function
Type “WebTextField” has no member named “Value” ToDoField.Value = “”

I have checked and rechecked my inputs and they seem to be correct. Would appreciate any help forum members might have. Also, if there is additional info I should send when having problems please let me know.


you are using an older version of Xojo.
The Todo list only works with the newest version of Xojo 2019 R3

Hi @Robert Yearley

Not sure what the problem may you have. It is running fine here! ( Xojo 2019 Release 3 > Example Projects > Sample Applications > ToDoWeb )

Are you running latest Xojo Release? on Windows, macOS or Linux? Are you opening the sample app from the HD?

In the case you have several Xojo releases installed on your computer, make sure you opened the right sample project from the corresponding release folder.

Thanks for the reply - no go here still getting the error - thanks for trying. Have no idea where to go from here. I give up - I guess this software and me are not going to get along.


as i understood, web apps with api 2.0 is work in progress.
for desktop apps .Value is new since “API2.0” or Xojo 2019r2, before it was called .Text
look here, this you can use with your control

do not give up :wink: as every language u need some weeks to get in.

current Xojo is 2019r3 skip r2 and r2.1

@Robert Yearley What I mean is that if you opened the TodoWeb sample project right from the folder and clicked on the IDE Run button… then it should work “out of the box” (it does on macOS). So… maybe the problem you’re facing has to be with something else? Maybe is not macOS what you’re using and is Windows instead? Maybe you modified the provided example code with something or typed anything that makes that errors to display there?

Without providing more cues… it’s difficult for us to offer the right help to solve your problem. Just that :wink:

Don’t give up! I’m sure that if you follow the QuickStart Guide and some tutorials… you’ll become yourself a delighted Xojo dev very soon.

Web projects won’t be using api 2.0 until web 2.0. This means that webtextfield still uses .text not .value.

Try using toDoList.AddRow(ToDoField.Text)

@Robert Yearley is not your fault.

The Introduction to Programming with Xojo was updated to use API 2.0 but, as others said, webapps are not yet using API 2.0, so the guide is not correct for Web (or you can say it is ahead of time). It is a bug in the docs.

Well, actually it is a bit more nuanced. The web framework will not be upgraded until Web 2.0 as indicated by @Wayne Golding , but everything else, such as database communications, string operations, sockets etc. can use API 2.0. To be clear, methods and properties of web controls remain as they always were. Other aspects of the program may use API 2.0.

It is worth noting that we don’t have to update working classic API code. I converted one of my web applications to API 2.0. It is working just fine. Others are very happily using the classic API. I will also probably use the same application to test Web 2.0 when it comes out. As for the release, I am still on 2019 R2.1. The 2.0 “events” lead me to wait for 3.1…

Thanks guys,

Replacing >Value with .Text fixed the problem.