Today is National Tapioca Pudding Day !

embrace your geekness day

and national french fries day

and tomorrow will be Bastille Day in France.

As far as I know, Opera Bastille is built where the fortress was more than 200 years ago (1789).

More importantly it will also be National Grand Marnier Day & National Tape Measure Day

Crepes Suzette !

I do not recall how many 10 years it was since the last time I eat some, but I still recall how nice it was.

And I will be 85 at about 8PM EST.

well Mr. Smith. let me be the first one to wish you a Happy Birthday

All together now:

Happy Birthday yo you (Jim)
Happy Birthday yo you (Jim)
Happy Birthday yo you (Jim)

I will join in the group song:

Happy Birthday to you (Jim)
Happy Birthday to you (Jim)
Happy Birthday to you (Jim)


July 14 is National Pandemonium Day

Around here that is EVERYDAY

Can you do these announcements like a day before?

Now where can I find a cow for today’s cow appreciation day? Got a better idea: I will eat one on the evening.

Well, in France we thought it was Bastille Day, until all hell broke loose in Nice. I don’t like Pandemonium…

Wake me up for National Cleavage Day.

And National Respect Canada Day

Hmm… this is going to be hard with Canada. Would disrespecting an American count? But I mostly do this anyway during the week (smilies don’t work for me here on the forum).

Its ok we’re already ranked highly