To RubberViewsWE V2 owners

Hello all,

I have a question about a fellow XOJO lib builder.

I heard that Michel Bujardet passed away last year, owner of (RIP Michel)

I have Version 1 of the Web version RubberViewsWE and I was looking to get V2 yesterday until I saw a message in the forum. (website is still online,, but there have been no responses to messages and PayPal link error.)

My question is: Do you know of someone who has a RubberViewsWE version 2 or something similar? I don’t mind paying the upgrade fee. Well, I don’t really know what is the ethical way of asking that in those circumstances, but now I’m stuck with an old, non-functioning library.

Thanks for your help,

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Essentially, the product is gone. Nobody has license to distribute it, and if the estate ever comes looking and finds out it has been distributed, it could be trouble. I am not a lawyer, but it’s a risk I wouldn’t take, either distributing it or using it unlicensed in my projects. In addition to the moral implications, of course.

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If you’re interested in an alternative, I’ve created one for Desktop that will be included in Release 55 of GraffitiSuite. My next step is building the same for Web Edition.


Yes, this would be perfect Anthony, I currently need it for Web version, I already have your GraffitiSuite Web version bought last month.

And will probably get the Desktop one in the near future.


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I’ve already started on it for Web and should have that for the next release as well. If you open a ticket, I’ll get you a test version when I’m comfortable with it.


Perfect, done, ticket created. Thanks.

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For anyone interested, I’ve now sent out a test version of this.