To cathch a right click

Silly question, but…
How do you catch and use a right click pressed on the mouse in Mac OSX?
Thank you

Read here.

My fault.
In a hurry, I forgot to mention that I need to catch a right click inside a cell of a ListBox, not as a contextual menu. Left click shows and hides a specific text inside the cell and that’s it, nothing else can be put in. I tried to have the right click to make the cell also accept any kind of text, thus overriding the left click.

In the MouseDown event of the DesktopListbox, you can check the value of IsContextualClick and respond appropriately.

Function MouseDown(x As Integer, y As Integer) Handles MouseDown as Boolean
  if IsContextualClick then
    '// Do something here
  end if
End Function

Does it work on cells as well?
I did not consider it thinking it was just for menus

It works in any MouseDown event.

Thanks for the tip