Tls 1.3?

I have searched through the Feedback tool and couldn’t find any reference to feature requests for TLS 1.3?

@Greg_O_Lone is this in the works and Im just missing the feedback case or should I open a feedback case?

Thank you

For what? URLConnection? That should be entirely up to the system, since we don’t get TLS 1.1 or 1.2 on Windows 7 and 8 without a certain optional Windows Update.

HTTPSecureSocket (Desktop from my perspective now AND modern OS versions as this is the newest TLS Version). I am running into a CloudFlare API implementation (i am using curl to discover this) that defaults to 1.3 – Easy change, but its coming so I figured id begin to ask.

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You should consider HTTPSecureSocket dead.

You know what, I take that back. TLS support comes from SSLSocket, which HTTPSecureSocket is built on. Since SSLSocket is still a valuable class and not end-of-life, I could see it getting TLS 1.3 support, and so would HTTPSecureSocket as a result.

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CURL does it in CURLSMBS class in MBS Xojo CURL Plugin.
Also OS provided functionality like NSURLSessionMBS class would use it automatically.