Title of custom controls in library


does anyone know if there is already a solution for such a use case?


FC content:

Imagine you use such a structure with modules to manage your custom controls.
If you do it like that then you have a lot of “Controls” in the Library.

Make an option how a custom control is titled or shown in the Library (e.g. the whole path with the modules “MyCompany.Controls.Header.Control”).

Don’t name them all control ?

I’d like to avoid naming the control similar or the same as the module like

Well naming them all “Control” is what causes the issue you’re seeing
Give them good names and you wont have that issue of seeing several items all named “control” in the library

In order to maintain a semblance of order, I took a cue from the plugins world and name my customer controls using TG (TOLIS Group) as a suffix:


That works whether I’m sub-classing an existing control or creating a new control from scratch.