Title not showing

building a mac application with v.3 . in the IDE, I can set the Frame Title to “App Name”, after a run or a build, it still will show as ‘untitled’.

Anything obvious that I am missing?

To be clear, are you writing a Mac desktop application with version 2019R3 with a ‘main window’ (e.g. a window with a name such as the default ‘Window1’) , changing the window’s title from a default value of “Untitled” to “App Name” ?

I tried this and can’t get it to fail (2019R3 macOS Mojave) and have no good explanation.

Is “App Name” literally the name you used? If not, what is the name?

Name is: Edidur

ok… how does that picture indicate that is is NOT working? I see the title you indicated

Look to the right, where I have an actual build running, that is overlapped by the xojo ide, sowing that it is running/building as ‘untitled’.

(Tried to get all the pertinent info into view).

probably why I quit upgrading when 2019r2 was released

will be sticking with 2019r1.1 for the foreseeable future (and perhaps beyond)

Have you searched your code for an assignment to the Title property, that is potentially overriding your value?

Or tried in the Open Event of the Window, to add Self.Title = "Edidur" to see if can be assigned? Plus maybe add a breakpoint on that line and see what the Title value is before and after the assignment.

I’m using 2019r3 on Mojave and don’t have this problem.

I hope this helps, hopefully more than…, well.

Thanks Scott, it was in the code, found it!