Tips & Tricks

Our system uses Gravatar for user avatars. You can create an account on using the same e-mail address as your primary Xojo address. We only allow g-rated avatars, so your newly uploaded avatar may take up to 24 hours to appear.

This forum software is very intelligent when it comes to quoting. In the upper-right of each post, there is a small quotation mark button that will appear when you cursor is inside the post. Pressing this will create a quoted reply like most forum software. Unlike most software and e-mail, multiple layers of quoting will automatically be stripped. This eliminates the endless quote trees we’ve all complained about, unless somebody goes well out of their way to create one.

Like e-mail, you can select a chunk of text then press the quote button, and the quoted reply will contain only that text.

[h]Private Conversations[/h]
When creating a new conversation, there is a section below the conversation title that shows you who can view the conversation. The change link to the right of it allows you to add individual people to the conversation. It will then be visible only to those you selected.

By pressing the “Settings” button in the top bar, you can enable notifications for various actions. This will be helpful once e-mail notification actually works.

[h]Bullet Lists[/h]
If you start a line with a dash, it will appear as a bullet.

[h]Feedback Links[/h]
You can insert clickable links to Feedback cases using this format (where 24298 is the case number obviously):